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Already a success! After only a few months online, the Asshole Magazine's had thousands of Swedish visitors, causing quite a stir in Swedish media. We have signed a contract with an advertising bureau, and had our URL mentioned in an untold number of commercial sites and magazines.
      Now, the time has come for the world to discover the Asshole Magazine. Working day and night during the last few weeks, we have translated almost every single word of our overwhelmingly popular magazine into English. We hope you'll enjoy it!

Rien ne va plus. We can't have it any longer. The web is littered with silly magazines, as are the news stands. But now the Asshole Magazine is finally here to clean up the mess. Hereby introducing a trustworthy magazine, with a grandiose layout, colourful pictures, and thrilling articles. Welcome!

In this very first issue we offer you an interview with author and composer Paul Bowles, a real 87 year old power-baboon telling Bernardo Bertolucci off, and running a propeller before going to sleep. Read her reportage, live from his apartment in Tangier, Morocco.
      Dick and dichotomy. The fight between the crotches continues in the Asshole Magazine. Read the Paul Kenny and the Maria Leona columns to find out the current status of our bipolar world.
      Asshole Power is a central theme in the Asshole Magazine, dealing with extreme stardom and cool. In each issue we introduce an Asshole Power Boy, an Asshole Power Garment, and an Asshole Power Resort. Picture them at guidelines for hos to live your life, with whom, and why.
      Our Asshole Power Boy is the late and very special Mercury engine Freddie, that Lonely Street nightmare super sing-a-long. The Garment is a power tie, one with juice and cream, while the Asshole Power Resort features moslim Africa in good mix with sleezy, occidental businessmen, passing their corporate magnetism through every visible slit.
      Did you say short story? Sure, just surf ahead to the Asshole Conte, where hairy Harry has a really rockabilly day, in spite of his hang-over.
      And of course you'd expect no less from a modern lifestyle magazine than a proper fashion feature. We sent our photographs to Germany, and they came back with five shots oozing just as much of hard-boiled martial arts and sublime geisha outfits, as the nocturnally over-active suburbs of Schlesingen. Visit the Asshole Moda!
      The sections Zeitgeist and Concept do only exist in Swedish, as they simply are not translatable into English. Don't hesitate to check them out, though, they're just as exquisitely crafted as all the other pages.

While others suspiciously sniffs around, timid, the Asshole Magazine runs like a huge, hungry hog straight to our contemporary swill, diving snoutfirst into the mess. But remember - pigs always keep very clean. Again, welcome to the Asshole Magazine!

If you don't settle for less than absolute Asshole Power, and honest, brim-filled web pages for the true adult, do fill out the form below and push the button "I go for Asshole Power!". Then we can inform you in advance of every news concerning the Asshole Magazine, including the release date of the next issue
      We'll also prepare some cool gadgets sporting the symbol for the Asshole Magazine - Harry, that reddish son-of-a-bitch to the right of this paragraph. T-shirts is an obvious idea. If you have others, or want to tell us something else, there is a text field at the bottom of the form at your disposal. Asshole Magazine is there for you!





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